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Randy Aronis, Account Executive for Iconic IT in Wichita, KS
Randy Aronis
Account Executive
Wichita, KS
About Randy
My degree in Hospital Administration allowed me to work in the financial department of a major medical center in Wichita, boasting 800 beds, for eight years. Health care may have changed, but I still enjoy working side-by-side with smart, innovative healthcare professionals.
A change in careers led me to work in sales for many Fortune 500 companies, providing strategic direction for the salesforce. I have now been with Iconic IT for five years and love the exciting new direction they are taking within the technology industry. I consider myself a true business geek, sharing and coaching people whenever I can about my experiences.
I took to the sky on F-16 fighter jets as the Chairman of the Military Affairs for Wichita and McConnel AFB, and not to toot my own horn, but I love music and play my trumpet as often as I can.