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Providing IT Services in NY, CO, KS, FL, and TX

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Hosting an Upcoming Webinar,
Seminar or Panel?

speakerAre you convinced by now that, at Iconic IT, we really know our stuff? Think your audience would like to hear from someone at Iconic IT? Keep on reading to learn how our speaker program works—and how much value we can provide eager ears from any background.

Iconic IT Speaker Program

Would my event be a good fit for Iconic IT?

Our Icons love participating in speaking engagements. We currently have topic experts available for speaking engagements in the Dallas (TX), Denver (CO), Wichita (KS) and Rochester (NY) areas. If the area is local to our speaker, then events with 50+ attendees would be a good fit. If travel is involved, then 100+ attendees is a more appropriate fit. Ultimately, we will make an executive decision as to whether an event is a good fit and that the opportunity is worth the investment.

Do I have to pay for a speaker?

We do not charge speaker fees. Having a budget for speaker travel or lodging is always very much appreciated, but is by no means required.

It won't be a sales pitch, will it?

Nope, not at all! Our seasoned representatives sign on for speaking engagements for the sole purpose of educating the audience. They’re simply passionate about getting others up-to-speed on the latest happenings in tech and the importance of having strong, healthy IT in a modern business world. They enjoy helping others discover best practices and tips to grow their businesses—and get as excited about IT as they are!

What topics can Iconic IT talk about? 

Below are some topic ideas for speaking engagements, but if you have a specific topic in mind and we have the expertise, we are always open to ideas.

  • Live Hacking Demo
  • High Tech, Low Tech and NOT Tech Ways to Increase Staff Communication, Productivity, and Company Culture
  • Cyber Security - How To Protect Yourself and Your Business
  • Creating an Engaged Culture in the Workplace
  • Components Of A Great Employee Security Awareness Training 
  • When to Outsource: IT Solutions For Small Businesses 
  • Protecting the Kingdom: Cyber Security For Small Businesses 
  • Make Work Enjoyable Again: Building a Company With Great Culture 





Tell Us About Your Event So We Can Find the Best Match Speaker For You!

Your presentation was very engaging and thought provoking. I loved that you gave us all specific examples and shared your personal story as well. I am confident that our attendees found your information useful and timely.

Wendy L Disbrow
President, Rochester MGMA


Iconic IT is an award-winning Managed IT Service Provider (MSP), providing small and medium organizations with local and responsive IT support services. We feature budget-friendly service plans with coverage as vast as the iconic national parks they are named after. We specialize in fully managed or co-managed IT support, cybersecurity and cloud solutions, strategic guidance, and excellent customer service using our exclusive PROS service model (Proactive, Reactive, Ownership, and Strategic). You are the hero in our IT story, and Iconic IT is your guide. We serve the following local communities: Dallas Fort Worth and East Texas, Wichita Kansas, Buffalo and Rochester New York, Bonita Springs Florida, and Denver Colorado.