COVID-19 Remote Workforce Checklist

Is Your Business Ready for a Remote Workforce?  

Before you give the green light to your employees for remote work, make sure your business is ready.   

This checklist will help your business prepare for remote workers with helpful tips for getting ready to release employees into the world of remote work. 

This list includes considerations for your business, your employees, your leadership and management teams, communications channels, maintaining network security, and more.  

You’ve got enough to think about; let our Remote Workforce Checklist help you stay organized. 

Download Your COVID-19 Remote Workforce Checklist

Small businesses will be the hardest hit. No work means no salaries paid, and no salaries paid means no income for employees. Small to medium-sized businesses should consider all scenarios and consider their business continuity options, including remote work capabilities whenever possible.

Mike Fowler, President - Iconic IT

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