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How Important is it to Evaluate Mission-Friendly Partners?

The old adage “You’re judged by the company you keep” applies to businesses and nonprofits as much as it applied to your friends in high school. Aligning your nonprofit organization with partners who do not support your campaign is a risky move.

Many people will check into nonprofits to see who they are working with and who is funding them. Being associated with a business or entity that is not parallel with your own will alienate potential clients and donors.

How Will I Know I am Working with Mission Friendly Partners?

Mission friendly partners will have mission statements that mirror your organization’s goals and values.

We have compiled a checklist for you to assess your business relationships. From researching past nonprofit activities to assessing how the company treats your organization, our complete checklist for Evaluating Mission-Friendly Partners is an important tool for making sure you are working with businesses that will help your nonprofit, not destroy your hard-won reputation.

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We turned to Iconic IT and their wonderful team several years ago as we evaluated how our staff could focus on our Mission and not our Technology. With professionalism , technical bandwidth and fostering remarkable relationships with our staff, NetRes and their team – from top to bottom – has provided us exactly what we needed, the ability to focus 100% on our Mission and not our technology. Now we are able to use technology to advance our business and mission.

Jennifer, 6 Stones.