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Providing IT Services in NY, CO, KS, FL, and TX

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Does your practice have a policy and audit in place for telecommuting?

Telecommuting allows employees to work remotely at home for a part of their regular workweek. Telecommuting is a work alternative that may be appropriate for some employees and some jobs.

The Telecommuting Audit and Policy Includes:

  • Requirements of HIPAA Compliance for Telecommuting with Employee Managed Equipment
  • Home Office Site Audit Checklist

HIPAA Seal of Compliance

Download Your HIPAA Telecommuting Policy & Audit

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About Iconic IT

Iconic IT provides the technology services that small to medium-sized businesses need to survive and thrive with a “no surprises” flat fee. We offer cloud-based solutions, a cutting-edge cybersecurity platform, and fully managed or co-managed computer IT support options. Our focus is on providing highly responsive computer IT support and strategic guidance to help our clients achieve their goals.

We serve the following locations with computer network IT services: Dallas Fort Worth, East Texas, Wichita Kansas, Buffalo and Rochester New York, Bonita Springs Florida, and Denver Colorado.