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New strategies for reliable location-agnostic business success

One of the clear outcomes of 2021 has been a complete shift to a new, remote normal for workplace collaboration, communication, and productivity. This shift was so sudden and critical that it’s left many businesses scrambling to maintain location-agnostic productivity, security, and performance. 

Explore the new e-book Enterprise-scale secure remote work tools for everyone from Iconic IT and Microsoft. You’ll learn how shifting into the remote-work fast lane can be more than done”—it can be done for increased competitive advantage. You’ll find out how the user-centric approach of Iconic IT combined with the agility of Microsoft Teams Meetings & Calling can position your business to thrive in the shifting future of workplace communication and: 

  • Streamline collaboration by easily integrating powerful and familiar applications  
  • Manage access to information and security by building groups and channels and controlling who joins and when  
  • Improve efficiency by storing documents, chats, and recordings in one place 
  • Protect against security and network disruptions with the power of Microsoft Azure 

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“As we started looking at refreshing all our hardware and applications across the network it became obvious that we would benefit by switching to cloud solutions instead. Our staff travels a lot, so cloud solutions were very appealing once they realized they didn’t need a VPN to access shared files if we switched to Office 365. Iconic IT has the solutions and reliability we need to put all the pieces of our IT together. I highly recommend Iconic IT.”

Tim M., IT Specialist, BTI