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Free 1 Hour Security Consultation including Network Security Assessment with Dark Web Scan ($695 value)

Iconic IT provides a comprehensive set of threat intelligence and identity monitoring solutions. Our flagship cybersecurity product, Iconic Fortify, combines human and sophisticated Dark Web intelligence with capabilities to identify, analyze and monitor for compromised or stolen employee and customer data, migrating exposure to your most valuable assets - your business' digital identity. 

Steps Involved in our Cyber Security Risk Assessment:

  • Initial interview (onsite or virtual) with members of your organization and an Iconic IT consultant to discuss your business objectives, areas of concern, wish list, policies, etc.
  • An Iconic IT Cybersecurity technician will conduct the scan.
  • Compile results


The information collected is reviewed for trends, problems, and issues that negatively affect your business. You will receive an objective multi-page report based on the findings and taking into consideration your unique business objectives. The report will highlight sources, findings, best practices, and recommendations to mitigate any identified issues. The report will include:

  • Dark Web Scan Results
  • End Point Protection Status
  • Consolidated Management Plan
  • Future Planning Deliverables
  • Asset Aging Assessment
  • Critical Asset Risk Profile
  • Security Policy Assessment
  • ... and more

If you'd like to get a head start on your own, check out our ultimate cybersecurity guide and learn how to create your own plan.

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Inspecting the Dark Web for credentials valid to a client’s environment is one way we try to find the smoke before the fire, at a time just after compromisation of a user’s credentials, often through phishing,  and hopefully before a concerted threat actor purchases those credentials and uses them against the client. In short it is another one of our toolsets that live in the “Detection” category under the modern Cyber Security Framework.

- Matt Lee, Iconic IT, Director of Technology