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Track Devices and Data Access

The BYOD (bring your own device) movement allows for near constant connectivity and more productivity from your work force. However, it is important to know what employees, have what data, on what devices. This Excel template helps you keep track of this. 

  • How many people does your company employ?

  • And how many devices do each of those employees use to access company data?

  • When you multiple those numbers together, you'll have a large number of personal devices that you should be tracking!    

Featured Benefits Here

  • Will help you determine exactly which employees access company data on personal devices

  • Allows you to track which type of devices employees are using

  • Tracks what type of access their devices are granted

Of course, a BYOD policy is only part of the total cybersecurity puzzle. Learn all about cybersecurity with our ultimate guide, and create your own do-it-yourself cybersecurity plan.

Download the BYOD Spreadsheet

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