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Backup vs Business Continuity: What's The Difference?

business-continuityThis about it this way... what would it cost your company if...

  • Your server crashes or your network goes offline for a few hours
  • Transaction records are lost
  • Shipped data is compromised
  • Deliveries unable to make it to their destination
  • Data is lost


RTO: The Recover Time Objective is the duration of time within which a business must be restored after a disruption to avoid unacceptable consequences.

FPO: The Recovery Point Objective is the maximum tolerable period of time in which data might be lost due to a disaster.

As information across all industries has become increasingly digitized, the importance of ensuring this information continuity has never been greater. Then there’s the matter of compliance and regulatory restrictions. HIPPA, HITECH, PCI compliance, and many other requirements are now wrapped around data capture, storage, transfer and process. Continuous uptime is is now the core of modern business continuity. We must ensure that in case of a hardware failure, data corruption, or natural disaster that business operations can continue.

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