Iconic Referral Program

Two Ways To Earn

We love referrals! To start our referral process, please fill out the form in the right column.

$500 Cash

  • Once the deal closes, $500 will be sent to the person who provided the referral.

Free Month of Service

  • If a business owner provides the referral, they will receive a free month's invoice (up to the size of the deal closing).

So, if we close a $5000/month deal and your company is paying us $2500/month you receive a free month. If we close a $1500/month deal and your company is paying $2500/month, your company receives $1500 off your invoices.

Deal must close within 6 months of the referral. Discounts on services only, no products. You MUST fill out the form in the upper right to start the referral process.

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"The best compliment you can give is a referral. Thank you!"

The Iconic Team

About Iconic

IT Iconic IT provides the technology services small to medium-sized businesses need to survive and thrive.

We currently serve locations in the Dallas Fort Worth area, Wichita Kansas and the surrounding community, Buffalo and Rochester New York, Bonita Springs, Florida, and Denver, Colorado. We have always stayed true to our small town, friendly feel despite our widening national reach. We prefer to make connections and partnerships with our owners and operators; you are never “just another customer” to Iconic IT.